Amok Time

Today I published a piece on CBS’s official star trek dot com about “Amok Time,” the big deal gay Star Trek: TOS episode, and inherited mental illness. Even if you don’t care about Star Trek, I really recommend watching this episode. It’s a heartbreaking romp of desire and subtext, a genuine masterclass in saying what you’re not saying. Plus, there’s a scene where Kirk’s shirt rips in a horizontal line exactly at nip level. A blessing. It’s not explicitly about the Queen of Cups, but they’re definitely in there. (It’s important to me to not preempt my writing with qualifiers, but I do want to note that I did not think this was the ending that would be going to print.)

New friends here from Emily’s exceptional guest post, hi! Mostly, Friday pieces look like this one about The Star and TV as a sacred text, or this one about The Two of Wands, How To Get Away With Murder, and the year of straight anal.

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