The Knight of Swords

I am a master hunter/ I cured my skin/ Now nothing gets in/ Nothing, not as hard as it tries. The Knight of Swords wants something. Not a warm want, but the kind of desire that feels cold. A desire that necessitates you blocking something out. Maybe you’re blocking out a part of yourself, or something else that you want, or the ethics that would stop you from getting what you want. The Knight climbs up on her horse and goes full speed at her target, sword slashing anything and everything out of her way. She carries the same warning as many Swords cards— make sure you’re not cutting other people accidentally, make sure whatever you’re doing is worth it— but this card is focused more on the all-encompassing nature of the wanting. I know I’ve talked about Knights as having a stubborn teenage energy, but another teen vibe Knights have is self-centeredness. Teenagers’ self-focus is obnoxious, but it’s also developmentally appropriate. It’s the Knight of Swords’ job to figure out why she’s hyperfocused on what she wants, or at the very least acknowledge and work with that focus.

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